What Money Can Buy

I have been reading more and more each day about the impending collapse of the world’s economic system. If we are paying attention, we are watching the imminent collapse of the country of Greece in near real time. I am sure that each of us has read stories about cites and towns here in the U.S that can no longer pay their bills and are starting to cut services. Unemployment is still over 9.1% and over 46 million Americans are currently collecting Food Stamps. All of these stories, as horrible as they are made me think about how fortunate that I am to have a job. I also started to seriously think about the things in my life that are very important to me. I know that money is important to each one of us because having it allows us the freedom to purchase those things that we need day-to-day or that we want. It also caused me to think about the importance of money and what it can and can not buy.

Money will Buy:
A bed BUT NOT sleep.
Books BUT NOT brains.
Music BUT NOT a melody.
Food BUT NOT appetite.
Finery BUT NOT beauty.
A House BUT NOT a home.
Medicine BUT NOT health.
Position BUT NOT purpose.
Luxuries BUT NOT culture.
Fun BUT NOT forgiveness.
Drinks BUT NOT sobriety.
Sex BUT NOT love.
Amusements BUT NOT happiness.
A crucifix BUT NOT a Savior.
A church pew BUT NOT heaven.
Ecstasy BUT NOT eternal life.

What money can not buy, the Lord Jesus Christ gave to you freely without charge.

Is Jesus Christ the Lord of your life? If not, you can get a new lease on life right now. Confess to God that you have sinned and that you want to turn from your sins to receive Jesus as Lord of your life.

Through that step of believing faith you can start afresh with your sins forgiven and a new life in Christ.

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