Hitting the Snooze Button

This morning, I was laying asleep and the alarm went off telling me it was time to get up. I had a very restless night with some odd dreams and not getting much rest. Exercising a foolish attempt to get more sleep I hit the snooze button. Just as I would fall asleep once again the alarm would sound to wake me from my slumber, I went through this process five times till I finally saw that I was now running late and had to make up some time. I am sure that like me you have spent many restless nights, only to toss and turn to try and ignore what time it is.

The fact is no matter if we ignore or acknowledge what time it is, those things that are going to take place are going to happen with or without us being involved. Just like those crazy holiday sales that stores have at 5 a.m. where you get special savings by being there when they open, the key is you have to be in the store at that time and redeem a special coupon to participate in the special savings. Those who come late get turned back into the darkness, they have a choice to pay a greater price at a later time or to go back and leave into the darkness.

The question is by ignoring the alarms what rest are you finding? Better to rise and enter the day at the alarm than to put off your appointed duties. There are times that we have been given grace and allowed many alarms to go off in our lives, able to ignore the time and continue to sleep. However there is an appointed time that will come and only those who wake and are ready at the alarm will receive their redemption. We need to consider the 10 virgins who are waiting for the Groom to come, five have extra oil and five run out and have to go and find some oil. While they’re gone the groom comes and takes the five that have their lamps ready into the wedding feast, the other five well they show up and beat on the door to be let in only to be told to leave and sent into the darkness.

Make sure you listen to this alarm, wake and prepare yourself. Go and wait at the doors of the store, with your coupons in hand so when the store manager comes he will let you into the store. Don’t show up 1 minute late and only find you’ve been locked out and turned away and loose heart as many will and simply leave into the darkness. We don’t know the day or hour but we sure can know the season, look around you and take notice of all the alarms going off.

People get ready for the Night is far spent, the day is at hand!

Mathew 25: 1-13
Romans 13 : 11-13
Proverbs 6: 10 -11

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