Rob Bell is Right, Hell is Not Forever, it’s Just a “Pit” Stop

So, Rob Bell is right, when you die, if you’re bound for Hell, you will spend a very short time there in comparison to the light of eternity. You WILL go to Heaven, Everyone will, You will be with Jesus and see God Himself, it will be an awesome awestruck moment in your existence. You will receive a new body fit for your eternal destination, one that will endure all time. But then…

Just so we get this cleared up real quick, Hell, the compartment of sheol, the compartment of the damned, well it will be emptied out on the day of Judgement and both the great and small, rich and poor will stand before God and receive judgement from the various books and if their name does not appear in the Lambs Book of Life they will be taken to the LAKE OF FIRE prepared for the devil and his angels, where the flame never stops, the worm never sleeps and the separation from God and everyone else is forever. There will be no relief from the pain both physical and psychological, no return, no party, no work, no anything but one thought, “I am separated from everything and everyone forever” so the thing to do is to avoid it all together.

There was a key phrase, “Prepared for the devil and his angels” good news your not either one of those, however because of an act of treason by our great,great, great….. Granddad and Grandmom, Adam and Eve, against God, man is under that judgement. However because we were deceived by the devil we were given the opportunity to trust in an act of mercy by God himself when he took our blame, shame and place on the cross. Through his selfless act of love, Jesus made a way for us to be once again in God the Fathers presence. You don’t have to do a thing, just trust in what Jesus did. There is nothing to do but be thankful and accept what he did and walk with him.

Rob Bell is right Hell is not forever, but the lake of fire is.

But then again so is Heaven.

The choice is yours.

RevĀ 20:13

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