Who’s Your Daddy?

Are you a slave to sin or a slave to righteousness? I use to read the sixth chapter of Romans and think this was dependent on me and my behavior. The idea being, what condition was my condition in? A tool to evaluate myself and my actions, but I was getting it all wrong. If your master is the devil, well, your a slave to sin, if your master is God, guess what, your a slave to righteousness. This understanding makes living out your faith a much easier situation. When Jesus bought and paid for our sin, and we accepted that act, our ownership transferred from downtown to uptown and so did our nature. You may have felt it or felt nothing at all but the fact is your nature changed and your slave status changed hands, you were bought and paid for. We who have been born again have been born from above. Now we need to exercise that authority in our lives. We need to be slaves of righteousness, set free from sin. Not an act of my will but of His and simply walking in that new reality. Now not only are we His slaves but He also calls us friend and son, So who’s your Daddy? Walk in your new nature and reflect your new DNA. He whom the Son sets free, he sets free in DEED. He bought you at a price, walk in your freedom from sin. Subject to it, but not ruled by it.

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