Who’s Will is it Anyway?

Position, esteem and rank are man made attempts to exercise authority. Given position and seeking position are complete polar opposites. In fact God wanted nothing to do with setting up kings, God Himself wanted to mediate with man directly but because of mans hard heart He granted that wish. The pursuit of position, esteem and rank do not draw you closer to God but farther away. Only when your desire is enthralled with Gods can you please Him. This means no longer is it your desire but His will that you seek.

Seek God’s face and appointment, then it will come from His hand, His will, not your will, and not your labor. Does this mean it will be easy? No, in fact the competition of this world may even choke out God’s desire, God is sovereign but is long suffering, He is slow to wrath, but eventually it is His perfect will that will be accomplished; be faithful and of good cheer towards your call just as Jeremiah was. It may seem futile and of no lasting impact but it is not a thing for you to judge, leave that to God. Be faithful to your call no matter what man says. If your call aligns with Gods word and you have been moved to speak then be obedient to the LORD. The rewards for being faithful are out of this world, literally.

Hard labor for Adam was punishment for rebellion, to teach us that favor can not be earned, to show us how great it is to just simply live in Gods perfect will. He has given you great favor and bestowed upon you the greatest titles that man can have: slave, son and friend. Slave because you have been bought with a price, transfer of ownership has gone from satan to Jesus. Son because Jesus has transferred His righteousness to us and taken our sin upon Himself and lastly he chooses to call us friend when we deserve to be called a slave.

That is if you have accepted Jesus sacrifice.

Check out the prodigal son parable as an application.

Luke 15: 11-32

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