Taking Stock, Reflecting on the Navy Yard Shooter

Yesterdays events struck a nerve, I worked in that building at one point and was all over the Yard at another as a police officer. Looking at the list of people who’s lives were snuffed out so quickly and without any warning made me think, it could have been me. They all looked a lot like me, 50ish maybe a little older, probably making plans for retirement and looking forward to having the 2nd career they always wanted. Just a few more years and time to enjoy the last third of this life.

Life is short, just like the flowers that bloom in spring they are in all their glory for such a short time before the heat of summer drys them and they wilt. When your 20 you think your invincible, 30s your conquering the world, when your 40 you think you can beat they odds, turning 50 I see friends fading and some already gone. My friends that in their 60s and 70s understand that even more.

While there is still breath in my being I want to spend that time loving God and those He puts in my path. Maybe drop a few seeds into others who are at the beginning of their bloom cycle that they in turn will drop seeds into others. That being the greatest miracle other than salvation, leaving finger prints on another’s heart, shaping their lives for the better and in turn them doing the same.

The mystery of life is not figuring out what to achieve, or what to know, but rather, knowing God and making Him known. Death is not the end, but is the exact opposite, it’s the beginning of eternity.

What are you investing in?

What will it’s return mean?

Will it comfort you in eternity?

Who or what owns your attention?

Life is short

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