Totalisti and the sweet by and by

I had a friend post on fb post “it is finished” I got very excited and just had to talk about what that means and how important that statement is. “It is finished” was actually a Greek word that Jesus said “Totalisti”, its an accounting term that means “Paid in full” Jesus was making a purchase at that exact moment. He was at the check out counter paying for you and me. That is the joy that was set before him Hebrews 12:1 That’s awesome. We are and have been purchased with a price! Want to know what your worth? Look to the cross. I think its important to understand that after this Jesus gave up His spirit, His life was not taken, it was surrendered. He made his purchase and left the shopping cart behind!! Went to “Abraham’s bosom” the compartment of the dead and lead captivity captive, took the shopping cart (his body) resurrected and then presented himself to the Father. This Sunday we should all be greeting each other with shouts of TOTALISTI!! like someone paid off our car, house, all our debt because that’s exactly what happened. Jesus beat the devil with a big ugly stick!!

Then they asked the question “Where was Jesus when He was in the grave”

Where is Jesus between the time He gives up his spirit to the time He resurrects? From what I read Jesus descended into Hell, Sheol, Hades, but not into the compartment of the damned; but into “Abraham’s bosom”. Sheol was divided into two separate compartments. One for those who died believing and trusting in the covenant with God and those who were damned, a place of torment. Between them there was a great gulf that divided them where no man could cross. If we look at Luke 16:19-31 we see a story of a poor man by the name of Lazarus who dies and goes to Abraham’s bosom, the other man, the rich man is in the compartment of the damned. Jesus went to Abraham’s bosom to lead those who were held captive by death out of captivity, he lead captivity captive Ephesians 4:8. He preached the gospel to those who were held captive and set them free. 1 Pet 3:19; 1 Pet 4:6 Jesus was not the only one that was resurrected, Matthew 27:51-54 Uncle Moishe who had been dead for 20 years all the sudden showed up for left over passover lamb. That had to freak some folks out and I am sure served as a great witness to those who would come to believe. Now when we die, if we are saved we are ushered into the presence of Jesus, the damned still go to Sheol and will remain their until they are judged at the great white throne judgement. Revelation 20:13-15. Then Death, Hades are thrown into the Lake of Fire along with all those who are not saved. Not the place to be. So in short Jesus was leading captivity captive preaching the good news of his victory over the devil and freeing us from the grip of death and hell.

What an awesome God we serve!!

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