A Good Friday

As you sit and have a cup of coffee and your bagel this morning, reading your newspaper, think about this. At about this time some 2000 years ago Jesus was being dragged back and forth from the Sanhedrin, to Herod, to Pilate, having spent most of the night being mocked, beat and spit upon.

More than likely about this time, the Roman guards were playing “prophesy” where they would cover his eyes and punch him in the face and say “Tell us prophet, who hit you”?

Not long from now Jesus would stand before the crowds for the first time. Only to hear them cry give us Barabbas!

Jesus was then taken and scourged, it has been said that he was reduced to human rubble; vast amounts of flesh ripped from his body. Then a septer was put in his hand, a robe of purple that congealed with the blood and fluids turning it scarlet, and a crown of thorns beat onto his head. These were Judean thorns, about four inches long.

Once again Jesus is presented to the crowd and presented as their King, what did the people do? they cried crucify Him!!

After this Jesus has a wooden beam strapped to his back and is forced to carry his cross to his own death about a 1/4 mile but every step an eternity.

Finally Jesus was stripped, His arms pulled from their sockets and nine inch nails pierced His wrists between the bones and though his feet. Yet still He said “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do”

Jesus then said the word “Totalisti” meaning “it is finished” its an accounting term meaning “Paid in full” and gave up His spirit.

This is the price paid for me and for you, the price paid so that you could have a future with Jesus, a future without what we both deserve.

Think about that and understand why it really is a Good Friday.

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