Fearless or Focused?

Through my own personal journey of walking with the Lord, I have come to the place where I have had to ask myself, what am I doing, where am I going, what is going on? It’s a natural thing, all of us do this, its part of “being”, but the question that has to be asked, that has to be used to evaluate a situation, is what has God already told me? Do I live according to what I see, or what I believe? If I have been told by God that I will be or do “X” then I need to live accordingly.

If we look back at the story of David, we find a young boy who is anointed to be king of Israel, sealed to service and to His God, as you follow David’s early life you see him killing a giant, him being hailed “Saul has his thousands and David having 10’s of thousands” Even the price he paid for his bride, his Father-in-Law wanted 100 skins, but he presented 200 skins, exercising faith that God would provide him twice the victory. Why does this all matter you ask? Because he was walking out his faith, he was fearless, He knew his destiny and rested in Gods promises. He didn’t have to struggle to achieve those things, and in fact He trusted in God’s promise so much that He was faithful to Saul even after Saul’s death. His anointing and position was not dependent upon another’s place or position.

In contrast we can look at the Disciples crossing over the Sea of Galilee, with Jesus in the boat. God with them in a literal / physical sense. Jesus said “let us cross over to the other side” before they cast off; in the middle of the lake some trouble came and the Disciples freak out and Jesus has to rebuke the wind, the wave, and the Disciples. They were focused on the situation of what they could see or sense, they disregarded the command of “let us cross over to the other side”. Being focused on the problem only keeps us from achieving what we have been commanded, commissioned and anointed to do and be.

A great example of this is found in the wild. Most all of us have seen “Mutual of Omaha – Wild Kingdom” You see a group of tigers on the hunt and a herd of gazelles just grazing. Then the attack, the gazelles begin to move. The gazelle that becomes the snack is the one that looks back, focused on the situation, the one that escapes the danger is the one that looks forward to safety. This slight hesitation in moving forward at Gods command is very similar to a gazelle who looks back at his attacker.

The enemy is attacking at every hand, time is short and they know it. Stay fearless and know that you have been anointed and set aside for such a time as this. We are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.

Romans 8:37-39
Hebrews 11:1

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