What is real faith? What is Biblical right belief?

There are many voices today claiming to know new or revealed knowledge while leaving sound biblical doctrine and establishing strange doctrines. While everyone agrees these folks are wolves. What is alarming to me is the blending of some of these practices that are taking place. How many are adopting some of these ideas, but not all, maybe even …just a way of doing something, but just a smidgen and adding it to there faith. Mathew 13:33, Galatians 5:9 that would be like seeing vomit on top of a pizza and then eating the parts “that didn’t get hit” just not a good idea. That’s more or less what is going on, it’s corrupting the youngest baby Christians to the oldest, and some of the most respected saints. The attacks are coming from every side and even from within. I believe it has to do with where we are in church history. 2 Timothy 3

The church has become something unnatural, just like the mustard plant in the parable its now much larger (in beliefs) than its was designed to have, in fact so much so that the demons have the ability to make their home in it. Mark 4:30-32, Matthew 13:32

One of the great deceptions is the message of “Are you saved” this is because people stop there and don’t do the real examination. The question we need to ask ourselves is “Do I abide” Paul says to examine yourself to see if your in the faith. Many today have been tricked into believing because they have said a little prayer they have “Fire insurance”. While people think I said the sinners prayer they fail to understand that was like having an introduction to someone, a beginning place. Would you say your best friends with someone you meet and then never talk with again? No, of course not. Why would we be instructed to examine ourselves if that were true? 2 Corinthians 13:5-9 And yes Jesus in Matthew 19:13-26 confirms this same thing.

We need to measure ourselves against Jesus, not other people. 1 Corinthians 13 is an awesome place to do that. Just remove the word love and insert Jesus name first, then yours. Now you know where you need to pray and be transformed, and you understand why and how you need Jesus to be your covering in all your short comings. Where we have our eyes focused is where we draw the light that fills our body. Matthew 6:22

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